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Lights Up!

Architecture is sometimes a field of unknown by those who do not study it, or work in it. In those days more and more, via Internet (blogs) people can learn more about it, but still, architecture has to be travelled all over! You have to walk through it to understand it!  Some cities perform this way of festivals to help people go through a real piece of art.

In Lyon since the 19th Century, a celebration takes place around the 8th Decembre for four days. This celebration lights up several places around the city, buildings, public places, parks, streets, foutains…

Louis the 14th under a big bubble on the main place of Lyon

At the beginning it is a religious celebration, that has became a popular festival each year! Every single year, over 4 millions of people, inhabitants and tourists, come to Lyon to see this giant performance! Streets are crowded, lighted up, with music and different performances.

In Montpellier, since 2006 the Festival des Architectures Vives (Bright Architectures Festival) takes place in the historical center of Montpellier South of France, in private places often closed to public. The aim is to sensibilize people to the architecture around them that they don’t even notice in their life. This festival offers young architects the opportunity to propose, think, reasearch and experience new fields in architectural conception. It also shows the relashionship between historical and modern architecture – attractives and funny installations.

Those performances are a way to make unsual installations – usual in your life // you may see architecture as you’ve never seen it before…

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4 Antworten
  1. Sofia Sousa says

    Architecture can be seen as something that is everywhere and surrounds us all the time even if people don’t notice it. Because of this, the festival is a good way of calling people’s attention for the places they live in and that most of the times they pass by so many times without really looking at it.
    The illumination of several main places and important architecture in the city is a great and appealing way of celebrate the architecture of this town and transform this buildings into real pieces of art.
    The combination between something that already exists with some new aspects brings the historical buildings into modern pieces of architecture and people that are used to that places can see them in a different, artistic point a view.
    A great inspiration, not only for the inhabitants but also for architects looking for new and different ways of making architecture.

  2. Sofia O'Neill Esquível says

    Everybody lives with architecture everyday, and who is not interested on it lives without paying attention. In my opinion is curious the way of this architects can appeal attention of the people to the city. And the funny thing on this kind of festivals exactly the same people who is used to live in that place can really pay attention of architecture there.

  3. Adamczyk says

    I think the idea of “lighting the architecture” excellent!
    Every county, city should organize such an event at least once a year to attract architecture to people who during everyday life have no time to admire this kind of art…

    And personally, I would enjoy it ;)

  4. Filipczak says

    Schöne Idee. Durch Festivals wie diese kann man die Stadt ganz neu erleben und sie mit anderen Augen sehen!!!


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